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4 Motivation Tips for Songwriters 

A lack of motivation in music happens to all of us at some point. Here are some motivation tips to get you moving in case you feel bored, aimless, or unsure what to do next on your musical journey: 

  1. Create a weekly or monthly songwriting schedule and stick to it: Music creation should be more regular in your life and the consistency will always help promote creativity for you to work with. Showing up is always half the battle when it comes to starting and motivation sometimes requires that first push in order to gain momentum. 
  2. Keep a list of short-term goals: Goals are necessary in order to help us artists go through the complex process that is creating a new song. The big picture is always a bit overwhelming to look at but breaking it down to small tasks will always make it far more manageable. This is the best way to transform uncertainty into action. 
  3. Set aside time during your week to do exactly what you want in music: Carve out time to do the fun stuff instead - I personally love to do songwriting and singing more than I like to schedule releases and email venues to perform at. This will serve you in that it will keep you passionate and excited about all that you do for your music. This will help you maintain that connection and love you have for music. 
  4. Listen to music that challenges you every week: It's easier to get wrapped up in our own creations to remember to enjoy others as well. Take opportunities to be inspired by other artists' work and frequent the chances that you will be inspired by them. The more you listen, the more motivated you will feel to write music.